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Fiber Cement Siding in Houston

For homeowners who want the look of wood siding but don’t want the cost that accompanies it, fiber cement siding may be a great alternative.

About Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding has the appearance of wood but it is more durable because it is composed of cement, sand and cellulose fibers that have been cured with pressurized steam. The fiber is added to reinforce the siding and prevent it from cracking. Fiber cement siding comes in planks that are between 5 1/4" and 12" wide and 5/16" and 7/16" thick. It is water-resistant, termite-resistant, non-combustible, and guaranteed to last 50 years. This material comes in many colors and textures and is available from several manufacturers.

Benefits of Houston Fiber Cement

Fiber cement has many benefits that make it a popular choice for siding in Houston. Here are the main benefits of fiber cement:

Low Maintenance
Fiber cement won’t rot, mildew or grow mold, nor will it combust when it comes into contact with fire, which makes upkeep very minimal.

Weather Resistant
Fiber cement remains durable during all inclement weather, such as strong winds, high heat, humidity and salt water exposure. This is great for standing up to Houston’s notoriously high humidity and wet climate.

You can get the look of wood or stucco without the high cost with fiber cement because it comes in so many versatile styles and colors. Vertical and horizontal stucco and cedar shingles are just a few examples.

If you ever wish to change the look of your home, fiber cement is easily paintable. You can also order pre-painted materials directly from the manufacturer.

Cost Effective
Fiber cement costs slightly more than vinyl but is less expensive than wood and stucco and has an average warranty of 50 years. Because maintenance is so minimal, it makes fiber cement a great buy.

If you are looking for the best windows in Houston or for information about siding in Galveston, please contact us today for your home consultation.

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