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Types of Houston Vinyl Siding and Other Siding Products

Vinyl Siding in Galveston, Austin, San Antonio

There are many Houston siding companies selling various types of siding and at unreasonable prices. Gulf Coast Siding, however, can provide you with the best while meeting your budget, with outstanding service and installation.
Our company offers two of the best siding products in the market: Gulf Coast Siding Wall and Revolution®. Gulf Coast Siding and Revolution combines nature and technology to create a maintenance-free, energy efficient product. Read more about Gulf Coast Revolution siding.
Following is important information and details on Gulf Coast Siding.

Wood and Vinyl Siding Designs

Our wood and vinyl siding company in Galveston, Houston and surrounding areas, offers top of the line product especially for our clients. This product is of superior quality, designed to respect the environment. It's made with a combination of natural wood fibers and polymers perfectly blended to be strong and long-lasting. It repels moisture, one of the major issues that fiber cement siding is experiencing.

Environmentally Green Siding

This impermeable product, available exclusively at our Houston siding company, is made with recycled wood fibers, preventing the depletion of our natural resources. Easy to install and safe, this product does not produce silica dust, which can be harmful.

Houston Siding Product - Effective Design

Our product, available at our Houston siding company, is molded with the StackLock Design, facilitating installation using standard tools, with no need for caulk.

The SeamTight joining-and-clip system for our exclusive Houston siding makes it permanent and secure, hiding any irregularities. Since there's no need for nails, its appearance is much smoother.

This product's TrueWoodForm design, available exclusively at our Houston siding company, is of optimal length and wood grain texture, for a beautiful, natural finish. Gulf Coast Windows also has the finest vinyl siding colors Houston has to offer, come in today and browse our assortment of different Houston Vinyl Siding colors and designs to find the perfect fit for your home today.

Additional Advantages of Vinyl and Synthetic Siding

This product is prefinished with layers of protective polymer which retains color, eliminating the need for primer or paint. Our Wall product has a superior wind load performance, withstanding major Category 5 winds and resistance to impact.

Design Showcase

Use our on-line Design Showcase to help you design the outer structure of your home. Click here to launch the software and get started. Help better reflect your personal taste by customizing your vinyl siding colors and styles. This tool will make visualizing the end product much easier.

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